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MODUS OPERANDI Convergence Technology - Convergence is a phenomenon in telecommunication and media industry to integrate services, content offerings, and means of communication under one core technology or ecosystem. It includes cultural, society, business, service, technology, regulatory, and content aspects that need to be considered.

It’s practical application manifests in various concrete examples, as e.g. Internet, digital convergence, media convergence, home applications, and telecommunication. This article describes a wide are of aspects of convergence, with illustrations of convergent merging technologies (NBIC, nano-, bio-, info- and cognitive technologies) and convergence of media technology.

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The United States of America Verified ™ is building and finding an organization that believes that it will fulfill human health commitments. We provide credible health and beauty information, supportive communities, and in-depth reference material & product about health subjects that matter to you.

The United States of America Verified ™ has helped to ensure the quality of U.S. pharmaceuticals, food supplies, cosmetics and beauty machines. Based on this experience, we are working with scientists, practitioners, regulators and manufacturers in many countries to help develop and improve good products to help protect the health of all mankind today.

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We works with State partners and the retail community to improve program administration and ensure program integrity.